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Homepage Info

Useful wiki pages dealing with the Homepage:
  Logos4 Basics
  Visual Glossary - Home Page
  Buttons & Menus
  Have the workspace showing when L4 opens
  Devotionals in the Home page
  Check Recent L4 Updates on the Homepage


Useful wiki pages dealing with your Library:
   How to Prioritize resources
   A Sample Prioritize List


Useful wiki pages dealing with Searching your library:
   Basic Search
   Quick Reference
   Detailed Search Help
   Morphological Search
   Syntax Search
   Topical Search Suggestions
   Using Search to find MyContent files
   Graph Bible Search Results


Keyboard shortcuts for: Windows users
Keyboard shortcuts for: Mac users
How to enter text in Greek and Hebrew
Some Examples

Making a Custom Passage Guide
Making a Custom Bible Word Study Guide
Setting up new Highlighting styles
Some Collection Examples
How to setup a Syntax Search

Some General Info

A brief summary on Files/Documents
A brief summary on Guides


Mark Barnes: Tutorial videos